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SF-Sonic Batteries

We want to make sure you always stay ahead. That's why, at SF SONIC, we offer a wide range of automobile, home and business batteries, ideal for every need. Powered by technological innovations from the house of Furukawa, Japan, SF SONIC delivers unmatched performance in the most grueling conditions. In essence, power, that is reliable, efficient and affordable.

SF Sonic Brand

In a day and age where speed is the one dominant force, here's the right power to fast-forward your life.

SF Sonic, with its unparalleled power and superlative quality has by far been the most prudent choice for Indian roads. Creating a benchmark for automotive batteries, it has so far testified the drive of the age. It captures the pulse of a whole new generation that believes in reaching their dreams and successes at supersonic speed with the core philosophy that revolves around always keeping you ahead.


And we aren't just saying that. Much research has gone into ensuring that every time you crank your vehicle you get guaranteed more power. Today, this is what sets us miles apart from the rest. So get straight to the action, without losing time or wasting energy. Kick start your day with power, day after day, only with SF Sonic.

World Class Infrastructure

The plant at Taloja, is equipped with state-of-art machinery and instrumentation. Much of such equipment have been designed and produced with in-house capabilities, saving crores in foreign exchange. Operations are also conducted on machines developed with the know-how of latest technology from Japan. The plant takes credit for winning several laurels:

Raising the Bar

SF Sonics quality and process control laboratory checks all incoming metals, components and bought out parts. Incoming and blended metals are analyzed for quality with optical emission spectrograph. Moreover, the SF Sonic R&D setup, approved by the Ministry of Science Technology Government of India, is a high-tech hub of innovation.

Types of Sf-Sonic Batteries

Inverter Battery

Every summer when heat is at its peak there has always been an excess consumption of electricity and this leads to frequent power cuts, but there is no need to worry about power cuts anymore as SF Sonic is known to perform best even in the longest power cuts that have hit our country. SF Sonic's inverter batteries are the most trusted batteries and have been a brand that is hard to beat in the domestic inverter backup market for decades. Our special design which has the hybrid alloy system with extra thick grids is designed specially to with stand the very hot Indian summers; this ensures to give optimum power even when it's heavily discharged. Also the SFPBX – 1500 PLUS battery is fitted with an on board sensor that detects when the inverter battery needs a recharge and warns with an alarm. This system has gained a huge response in the market.

SF Sonic primarily offers 3 types of inverter batteries at best prices to assist its customers in times of power crisis.

SF Sonic PowerPunch

SF Sonic Power Punch is built with a special Hybrid Alloy system to ensure it withstands the hard Indian weather conditions. It also comes with dual plate separation to protect the battery from vibrations and shocks. For convenience and safety purposes, it comes with a Float Guide that indicates electrolyte levels. The batteries come as ready to use since they are factory charged.

SF Sonic Power Box

SF Sonic PBX 1500 Plus is primarily designed to provide mains quality power to your inverter during long power cuts. It is manufactured with proprietary power technology to ensure continuous bright lights even during extended power cuts. It is built with advanced hybrid alloy system that is specially designed to withstand hot Indian summers while built-in extra-thick grids with high surface area ensure optimum power is provided even when deeply discharged.

SF Sonic PBX 1500 Plus is fitted with advance Electrolyte Level Indicator sensor that warns against low electrolyte level of battery

SF Sonic Ready Power

SF Sonic Ready Power is a rugged, low maintenance battery designed to withstand hot Indian summers and frequent power cuts. Manufactured at state-of-art, manufacturing plant at Taloja Factory near Mumbai, we employ advanced hybrid alloy grids and extra thick plates for rugged performance over the years. Each power-packed cell stores more charge while SF Sonic's proprietary technology ensures complete safety for use at home and work.

Home UPS Battery

We have been gaining immense popularity in the market for our quality oriented range of UPS Systems. Incorporated with innovative technology, the UPS manufactured by us are the most reliable systems for ensuring the safety of your electronic devices and equipments. Depending upon the application and the device, we make available varieties of UPS Systems.

SF Sonic Home UPS

The DSP based SF pure Sine Wave Home UPS is specially designed with PWM Technology to provide convenience and uninterrupted power to households as well as offices and for any other appliance. The SF range of UPS have the requisite power back-up solution for both domestic and commercial requirements and are available in 650 VA, 850 VA and 1450 VA variants.

Genset Battery

Now get convenience to your side with SF Sonic Gensets, that run high on efficiency and low on cost. They are designed to meet your requirements in the toughest of environments and require very minimal maintenance. A powerful solution born from latest in technology and high-end, quality components it ensures you uninterrupted peace of mind. So just fit it, relax and enjoy.

SF Sonic Instagen

Introducing the new factory-charged SF Sonic Instagen battery, exclusively designed for Genset applications. The SF Sonic Instagen battery comes with special features and a 24-month warranty (when fitted as per the recommended application chart).

CFL Battery

CFL batteries from SF Sonic employ an advanced hybrid alloy system to store and discharge electricity for full luminance throughout the back-up period. To the layman, it simply means that if you have a power cut, CFL batteries will ensure that you don't lose out time in the dark. This results in more power for your CFL lamp.

CFL Power

CFL Power focuses SF Sonic's proprietary power technology to ensure continuous bright lights even during extended power cuts. Manufactured at Exide Industries' modern factory in Taloja near Mumbai, it employs an advanced hybrid alloy system to store and discharge electricity for full luminance throughout the back-up period. What is more, CFL Power batteries are capable of quick recharge even from a state of deep discharge, making them most suitable for places which suffer long and extended power cuts.


Passenger Car Battery

SF Sonic batteries are designed keeping in mind the weather, traffic and Indian road conditions so you can rely on our battery to perform to the fullest. Our car batteries make your life easier with faster starts, brighter lights and louder horns. The SF Sonic passenger car battery is designed using the latest in automotive technology this ensures the battery works longer and delivers more power per crank. It also comes with many benefits like High heat tolerance, vibration resistance and deep discharge so now you can enjoy longer more comfortable drives without any worries. Choose from our wide range of car batteries to power your drives.

Flash Start 1800 - 60 months warranty

Flash Start 1800 with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries.

Flash Start 1440 - 36 months warranty

Flash Start 1440 with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries.

Flash Start 1080 - 24 months warranty

Flash Start 1080 with C21 alloy is the latest revolution in car batteries.

Cruiser 540 - 18 months warranty

The powerful yet affordable Cruiser 540 comes with an array of advantages.

Cruiser 360 - 12 months warranty

The powerful yet affordable Cruiser 360 comes with an array of advantages.

Two Wheeler Battery

The SF Sonic bike batteries are designed to give you quick and powerful start. Our bike battery is designed especially for Indian road conditions and manufactured using the latest precision technology. The battery works non-stop even in extreme rugged roads without premature failure. Now every time start your bike with confidence year after year. So go ahead power each ride with the force of SF Sonic Two-Wheeler batteries. Go on race ahead!

Mobiker 1440 - 48 months warranty

The highest form of power in the shape of a battery is Mobiker 1440.

Mobiker 1080 - 48 months warranty

Mobiker 1080 takes the power of battery for two wheelers to a whole new level.

Here we present Mobiker 1080, the most powerful battery for motor cycles on Indian roads. It is a ready-to-use, zero maintenance, factory-charged battery with advanced technology that delivers superior performance for a long time. Now roar and rule the Indian roads.

Mobiker 540 - 18 months warranty

With Mobiker 540, we have set a new standard for two-wheeler batteries.

Mobiker 540, the ultimate two-wheeler battery is here. Created with state-of-the-art technology under the most stringent quality parameters, each Mobiker 540 is guaranteed to add that extra power to your motorcycle. Its 18 month warranty ensures that with SF Sonic Rodeo, you will never be left high and dry.

Designed to meet Japanese standards (JIS D 5302), the quality manufacturing systems of Mobiker 540 batteries are certified under ISO/TS 16949-2002 & ISO 14001-2004 awarded by RWTUV of Germany.

Three Wheeler Battery

In city traffic like ours, you can always count on SF Sonic 3 wheeler batteries to deliver the best quality performance, trip after trip. Designed to suit Indian conditions these 3 wheeler batteries are paramount. And are the best market has to offer. Get SF sonic and get power on your side

Autorider - 18 months warranty

The powerful yet affordable Autorider comes with an array of advantages.

Truck Battery

SF Sonic Truck batteries are built on a thorough understanding of Indian operating conditions, using innovative technology that enhances the efficiency, mileage and reliability of your truck. They are designed to keep your business moving, without having to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your truck battery.

Trucker 1080 - 36 months warranty

Trucker 1080 is created to rule the road.

Tractor Battery

Improve the productivity of your tractor, with the SF Sonic Tractor batteries, designed and built for India.

Zamindar 1080 - 36 months warranty

Zamindar 1080 is created to rule the road.