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Okaya Battery

Okaya batteries are known for their quality, long-lasting nature and engineering fineness, and the range of automotive battery is no exception. Manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plants, such batteries come in different sizes to fit into the vehicles of choice.

Every piece of automotive battery is made in fully-equipped and automatic plant in adherence to the highest standard of the industry. Best imported machines are utilized so that the batteries deliver results that exceed the expectations of vehicle owners. After all, the better the condition of your vehicle, the more fun it would impart in driving!

Made in the name of OKAYA Wheelz, these batteries have consistently been serving a growing number of automobile owners across the country. More so, they give long life on the back of being made in accordance to strict quality control parameters. Trouble free performance is guaranteed with any and every automotive battery from the brand Okaya.

So, no need to try any other manufacturer when the brand Okaya is here. A company that delivers only quality so that your experience with automobiles remains as smooth as desired. If you know what a quality automotive battery can do for your vehicle, then don't take chances with anyone other than Okaya.

Types of Okaya Batteries

Inverter Battery

Okaya fully understands the chronic issues that go with power supply in India, and it's the reason of its resolve to take the light to every household across the country. With such a motto, it produces a superior inverter battery range known for their long-lasting nature and impeccable performance under any circumstances.

Made using Japanese technology, these batteries ensure that the demand of best inverter for home is met with effortless ease. Utilizing the best of imported machines, the batteries are so powerful and adept to go on for hours lighting homes of any size, shape and dimension. More so, buying them too has become so easy, thanks to their web availability and one-click online booking and ordering.

In fact, anyone can easily buy inverter battery online to bring non-stop power supply to the home. Rather than venturing out to markets, it's simple now to just sit in the comfort of inside and select from an exhaustive range of batteries. Pricing too is a factor that helps customers a lot, and the inverter battery price here is an ample proof of that.

So, it's right time to keep the darkness at bay, as Okaya will help in this noble endeavor. It's your time to have the best inverter in India. After all, you deserve nothing less when it comes to keeping the home charged for hours.

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SMF Battery

Okaya batteries have always stood the test of time, year after year, for their all-round engineering excellence. Not only are they long lasting and durable, but also a product that exudes reliability and sustainability. Among the manufactured range, SMF battery holds on its own for the same qualities the brand is synonymous with.

Each SMF battery is made keeping in mind highest industry standards and technical specifications. High performance is an absolute certainty of such a product to meet the requirements of growing tribe of pan-India customers. Every piece is manufactured by leveraging the superior Japanese technology so that the quality is always a foregone conclusion.

Given the strict adherence of Okaya to technological excellence, your chosen SMF battery is always expected to meet the very purpose of buying. Only the imported and advanced machines are used in the plants to churn our superior range of batteries for UPS and Inverter, whether for home usages or for industrial purposes.

In Okaya, you trust a company that has a user base of millions, coupled with rapidly rising network of dealers, distributors, branch offices and plants. Buyers of SMF battery can expect an impeccable customer care center service to rectify any error or remove any pre or post-sale doubts!

Solar Battery

Go with Okaya, worth your penny and invest at best!

Okaya is a top-notch brand of batteries offering distinct types of batteries out of all one is solar battery getting highly demanded in market due to its easy and efficient working. It offers a cost effective alternative for various problems which can simply be resolved with a power back-up. Solar batteries are highly stable, safe, durable and rechargeable upto large number of times. The main purpose of designing such batteries is to save fuel and provide an eco-friendly environment. To provide long-life to such batteries they are designed using thick, strong positive plates to avoid corrosion and make them last for long hours.

Solar batteries offer low self discharge rate, better performance, long-lasting durability, higher current and power efficiency which makes them most suitable from users point of view. Some of the major applications of such batteries are solar inverters, solar domestic or street lights and many others. Each product is designed very precisely using highly advanced technologies being used now a days. It costs very effective along with advanced features among all other battery brands available in the market. Solar battery is one which is especially designed to make proper use of resources.

E rickshaw Battery

E-rickshaw battery if we unfold this name it comes to be electric rickshaw battery. Okaya is one of the leading brands in domain of batteries and also it is serving best for the development and high pace growth of nation. E-rickshaw battery is gaining more and more popularity these days as it is designed keeping all the necessary points in mind that are related to users and their requirements. Okaya commits to serve the users in the best possible way and following the same since long years. Each and every battery undergoes some specific test so as to confirm the uninterrupted services to users. Products are beautifully designed and tested up to the extent so as they excel the most as far as its performance is concerned.

The quality products manufactured under this hoop uses latest technology and defines an unbeatable standard for its parallel companion. E-rickshaw battery price are very manageable and they are decided so as to enhance the level of comfort of users and enrich them with reliable, long-lasting, and efficient batteries. The ultimate goal is to provide one of the most efficient and highly durable batteries with the so frugal E-rickshaw battery price so that anyone and everyone can afford them and leverage up to the most.