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Amaron Battery

Amaron Battery sells all kinds of automobile batteries like car battery,inverter battery, bike battery, tractor battery, bus battery,truck battery, auto battery, generator battery etc As Battery is viewed as the heart of an automobile, we only sell branded car battery or bike battery or inverter battery like Amaron. A branded battery like Amaron would have gone through stringent quality testing procedures by the manufacturer. Batteries with full free warranty and additional pro-rata warranty are offered to the consumers. There are a lot of recycled car batteries sold at cheaper prices by local vendors which are not reliable and often face breakdown problems..

Looking to change the old battery of your Car or Inverter or Bike or any other Automobile ? Buy Car battery and Inverter battery online at Amaronbattery.in. Amaronbattery also provides full education to the consumers about how to detect the car battery failure. Amaronbattery also provides tips on how to do preventive maintenance of a car battery.

Automobile owners are advised to look at their Battery Warranty Cards. If the warranty period is expired, it is an indication to replace the car battery or inverter battery or any other automobile battery. Customers can call and order for a Free Car Battery Health Check. Amaron Battery service engineers will check the battery and suggest if a replacement is required.

Types Of Amaron Batteries


Most parts of India suffer from power cuts and extreme voltage fluctuations. It is no wonder that a vast majority of Indians depend on inverters to address this problem. And to take care of this crucial need, they depend on a battery that won't let them down. Amaron.

With a range of inverter batteries to suit varying needs and applications of end users, Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market, so you are never at a loss for power.

When you buy an Amaron inverter battery, you enjoy a completely hassle-free experience as the battery uses a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it zero-maintenance. Amaron also offers a range of technologically advanced inverters and home UPS system for complete peace of mind.

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Our Differentiators:

Safety Precautions for Home UPS / Inverter




As a car enthusiast, you keep up with the latest developments in the automotive world. So we don't need to tell you why today's technologically advanced cars need a battery that is technologically matched. That's where Amaron makes the difference. Amaron batteries are equal to the task. So with an Amaron battery under your hood, you know that your car, jeep or SUV will start without a problem.

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Your commercial vehicles have to work as hard as you do. In a vast country like India, your vehicle has to undergo extreme conditions, from the harshest of terrains, to extremes of heat and cold. Add to this a host of other hardships like dust and monsoons, and you need a battery that can meet the challenges. With Amaron's technologically advanced zero-maintenance, long-lasting batteries, you can be sure that they will go the distance, and never let you down, no matter what the conditions.

Our Differentiators:


We understand that farmers and farm output are crucial to the growth and advancement of the country. That's the reason we give a lot of thought to the special needs of the agricultural sector. Because, we know you play a crucial role, and you need a battery that you can rely on. That's why Amaron offers a range of batteries that you can depend on for your farm vehicle. With the ability to handle long idling, as well as extremes of heat and cold, our batteries will support you in your endeavours. And your growth.

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We know your bike is your pride and joy. And you ensure that only the best goes into it. We ensure that only the best goes into our batteries as well. That's why truly knowledgeable riders like you insist on Amaron.

Amaron offers Pro Bike Rider (PBR) batteries, manufactured with state-of-the-art VRLA technology, for the entire range of two wheelers available in India.

VRLA technology works on the oxygen recombination principle, which prevents water loss and provides a zero maintenance battery. Which means that the only thing on your mind will be to have the ride of your life, every time you start your engine.

No matter what your ride, there's an Amaron PBR that's going to last long with you.

Our Differentiators:


In India, power distribution and availability of uninterrupted power supply is still an issue. Amaron offers a range of inverters, home UPS and inverter batteries to choose from. When most companies talk about solutions for power-cuts, we at Amaron go a step further in bringing quality back-up power supply for unhindered performance during power-cuts. So you can live your life uninterrupted.

Key Benefits:

Technical Specifications

1. AC Input Voltage 230V + 15%-5V
2. Mains Mode
   a. Fast changeover Mode(FC)  
      i. Mains Low Cut 180V+/-5V
      ii. Mains High Cut 260V+/-5V
   b. Slow changeover Mode(FC)  
      i. Mains Low Cut 100V+/-5V
      ii. Mains High Cut 280V+/-5V
3. Battery Voltage 12V
4. AC O/P Voltage at No Load 220 +/- 7V
5. Output frequency 50HZ + 0.1 Hz
6. Battery Charging Boost mode & Trickle mode with required current limit
7. Battery Lower Voltage limit 10.1V for single Battery
8. Battery Maximum Charging Current 10A+/-1.5A
9. Recommended Battery Capacity 80-180AH/12V

Appliance 400VA 600VA 800VA 1400VA
Computer -- -- -- 1 1 -- 1 --
Tube-Light 3 3 3 3 2 4 6 7
Fan 1 2 3 1 2 4 5 7
Tube-Light 1 -- 1 -- 1 1 1 1

Application Chart - UPS

Appliance Rating
Home UPS 400VA
Home UPS 600VA
Home UPS 800VA